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Colorful and Splendid - by Lin Hsin-Chen

A new world that I only recently discovered is that croton plants are delicate and beautiful. After observing them for some time, I began to admire this kind of ever-changing plant that can naturally change its color. If our lives can be transformed in such a wonderful way, they must be colorful and splendid and keeping oneself stay motivated.

After observing the color change of leaves, I found that with leaves, color sensations can be cultivated. We might be able to practice visual empathy and learn to experience the world from the perspectives of people who suffer from color weakness and color blindness. How troublesome it could be if we cannot distinguish the differences between certain colors in our daily lives. I have started a series of study and exploration, and l look forward to starting a new knowledge journey with curiosity. I hope to increase my creative energy. This is the first work in my Observation series.

Size: W 104 x H 104 (cm)

Materials: monoprinting, hand dyed fabrics, natural dyed fabrics, recycled fabrics, commercial cotton prints, silk, metallic thread, Romanian thread

Techniques: hand stitched, hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted


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