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Contrasting Texture

The latest in my series on CONTRAST, this piece combines two techniques that I enjoy, despite my lack of experience: knitting and pieced quilts.

My goal was to integrate the two textures, so they look like they melt into one another as opposed to one thing being tacked on top of the other.

I started by knitting a long, simple scarf. Then I chose fabric colors that would mirror the colors in the yarn and created a pieced quilt. I chose a chevron pattern for the quilt because I thought it looked the most like knitting.

I tried to arrange for the scarf's stripes to fall along the bottom of the quilted peaks. I think it creates a feeling of dimension as if the corners are 3D blocks.

Finished size: 40 x 24 in.

Materials and Techniques: Hand-dyed cotton fabrics, acrylic yarn, machine piecing, machine quilting, hand-knitting, and hand stitching


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