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Daze, #2

Daze, #2 ©2022, 40" x 41"

Daze, #2 is my fifth installment in my Wandering series. It is another reflection on my pandemic experience and in particular my acute awareness of all of the little repetitive motions in my life. Off the top of my head they include daily things like take my allergy pill, make the coffee, empty the dishwasher, cook the dinner, bring in the mail, feed the cat, put in my eyedrops, brush my teeth, water the garden, go for a walk, and so on. So many little things over and over and over again. And then the weekly things, the grocery shopping, take out the trash cans, fill the gas tank, wind the clock, do the laundry, change the sheets, clean the house. Being home so much of the time and having fewer things on the calendar to focus on and look forward to has just made me all the more attuned to all of this repetition. And all of these little cycles in my day, week, month.... I don't know that I have any positive or negative feelings about them. I'm just aware that they are there, all around me, repeating over and over and over.

Daze, #2 is a companion piece to Daze, #1 (surprise!). It's an interesting optical illusion when they are next to each other - the little colored piece are all the same size although they look smaller on the white background.

Daze, #2 is turned edge Dupioni silk (mostly), machine appliqué on bleached linen.


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