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Life and Art

Our new Viewpoints theme is INTEGRATION and as mentioned in Lisa-Marie's post there are many aspects to integration that we can explore. I have chosen to integrate life and art. A prime focus of my life revolves around making art quilts, exploring different art techniques and media, viewing art when possible and just enjoying all aspects of art. But what I can say about this in 3 quilts, as we are working on a 12 month cycle with 1 quilt each 4 months?

Colour, symbols and shapes are the primary ways I want to express my ideas. I want to let the colour, energy and emotion in these pieces speak for themselves.

How art comes from the germination of an idea onto the cloth and into its finished form is always a mystery to some extent and a joyous celebration of the creative spirit.

I have begun with white cotton fabric. quick passes with textile ink and dye plus splatters of paint begin the process of translating the emotion of love to my cloth. Stamping circles of life, with metallic sliver completes the messy stage. Life is messy so it seems appropriate.

I have chosen the O and X representing hugs and kisses, as my main symbols in this first work. From the 4 larger pieces of fabric that have undergone the first stage, I then cut, play with placement and piece together a more interesting combination.


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