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Penelope's Monsters

Cecília González

126cm W x 112cm L (50"x44")

The poem says that the monsters will not appear, unless you take them with you.

"...Neither the Lestrigons nor the Cyclopes

nor the wild Poseidon will you find,

if you do not carry them within your soul,

unless your soul lifts them up before you..."

But monsters appear to Penelope. They are not Lestrigons or Cyclops, nor are they Poseidon. Her monsters have been with her since she was a child. They are the monsters that have whispered in her ear that she cannot do certain things, that she is not valid, that she does not deserve it. Penelope's monsters have been put there by men, by the patriarchy. She has to fight them every day to walk the path and live the journey as she wants.


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