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Verge by Martha Wolfe

Verge 40" x 40" ©2023

When I'm planning a trip, I start with maps and take a deep dive into books and the internet to find the most interesting places to visit. I spend way too much time creating an itinerary that is the most logical (and usually least expensive) route from one place to the next. It all seems meticulously laid out, but when I actually arrive at a destination, I like to wander. I like to explore what is down alleyways and up paths. I like to check out what locals recommend. I like to look in shops and windows and grocery stores. I like to see how people live and worship and honor their deceased. I like to discover what inhabits each destination - the plants and trees, the bugs and birds and all of the animals. I like to experience weather - sun, fog, rain, snow.

The longer I am gone, the less I think about going home. There is so much to see, so much to observe. There are so many beautiful sunsets.

Always on the verge of discovery....

Verge is machine pieced commercial cotton prints and wool embellishments with machine and hand stitching.


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