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Wandering in Circles

When I set out on our New World cycle, my goal was to Wander and explore new creative experiences with out boundaries. The first thing I wanted to do was to see where my imagination would take me if I didn't patterns and photographs to guide me. What could I just "do" with fabric and thread?

Getting things going has been a slow process - breaking down the barriers I've created for myself in regards to having things all figured out before I start making something. Just going for it is not my forte. But, I feel like it's time for a change.

SAQA's Jump into June 30-Day make something everyday challenge came at just the right moment. I am never successful at these things, usually flaking by the 4th day and not going back, but this time feels different. I chose a super simple goal for each day. Take 2 squares of fabric - the bigger one is 8" x 8" - and draw a freehand circle on them. Inset the circle - 2 seams - and voila, another day.

It's been great. I'm excited to do it each day. Some of them have been great (IMO) and some are duds....but there's always tomorrow. And it's inspiring for me, just going through the motions sets my imagination going. They've already given me some ideas....

I'll follow this for a while and see where it goes and then try something new.


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