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Fox's Wedding

"Fox's Wedding" @2022, 41" x 41"

Fox's Wedding is my final installment in the New World series with my theme, Wandering. I am continuing to explore where the unplanned will take me creatively. While the work is largely open to personal interpretation, it reminded me of a sun shower - hence the name. Sun showers, a meteorological phenomenon where rain falls while the sun is shining, share remarkably similar folklore in cultures around the world (

After piecing my 9 freehand cut Japanese cottons and silk organza circles, I played with the layout. To get away from the phases of the moon/bowls of rice/black and white cookie appearance I decided to rotate each circle 90º going clockwise from the upper left. I liked the secondary circle formed by the blocks in the upper right and decided to go step further with that area. Each of the circles were then inset into the linen (bleached and natural) squares.

I created a glowing orb by curve piecing cottons and silks and layered it under my circles to create a hazy image in the background. Lots of hand stitching followed with hand-dyed sashiko threads.

This cycle has been a real departure for me, much more challenging than I ever would have anticipated. I've enjoyed the process immensely and slowly growing more confident in letting things unfold rather than planning everything completely ahead of time. I'm very excited to see where our new series will take my work.


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