Gifts from the sea

A couple nights ago, I dreamt I was back on the beach collecting sea beans. If you know me, you've probably heard me go on about sea beans. I think they're amazing and such a great example of ocean currents and nature's proliferation. A tree grows in the Amazon and its seeds and pods fall to the floor of the forest. Rain washes them out into the ocean and they take a ride on the ocean's currents eventually washing them up on beaches from Florida to Cornwall and beyond. And I stumble upon these gifts. During the time I lived in Florida I found hundreds of sea beans and still have a number of them around. They're just cool. This is one is called a sea biscuit bean (right) - bearing a resemblan

Oceans of news

Consider The Kelp The international news is flooded with images of typhoons and hurricanes churning up water, in some areas going well inland, causing death and destruction. We are all concerned about the welfare of those overwhelmingly effected by the incredible storms...all starting in the oceans. There also was really good news, most of which was lost, overpowered by these catastrophes. And that good news came from San Francisco, CA on Saturday. The world's largest ocean clean-up project was launched. Likened to "Pac-Man", a system consisting of a giant floating boom will "eat-up" the plastics and trash, holding until another vessel comes to collect it. It's target is the Great Pacifi

Many Moons

It is a wonder to me that we are all looking at the same moon in the sky, no matter where we are. We don't necessarily see the same thing, and that is a wonder to me, too. When Viewpoints 9 first began 7 years ago, I wondered about how people created, how they imagined a prompt and the steps that they went through to create a response. Did they see the prompt visually, did it remind them of a story, did they just start to make something and attach meaning later? Like the moon, the prompt was the same for everyone, but what we create may be completely different....and that makes me wonder so many things! I started this piece with some wonderful silk habotai I had indigo dyed using a shibori h

Beach Baby

I have always loved the ocean. My “happy place” is the beach. When I face out at the water, all my troubles are behind me. I am awed by nature and humbled by my smallness. The salt air and water are therapeutic My husband and I both grew up in Florida surrounded by water and it was the instant bond that led us to spend time together. Sunrise or sunset, you can see the beautiful sun arrive or depart the day across shimmering ocean water. Moisture, wind and water can create beautiful clouds which reflect the changing color of the sun. The ocean controls much of our weather, good and bad. It also provides endless recreational opportunities. Recently we purchased “Blue Planet II”, a 2017 British

Butterflies and Hummingbirds

So many things of wonder in this living planet! The bundles of colour flying around on a sunny day make me gasp and feel so happy. Green vegetation, blue sky, golden sun, colourful flowers; the shiny feathers of hummingbirds which seem to float in the air; the fluttering wings of butterflies; all contribute to the wonders of the world. Hand-dyed fabrics, machine pieced and machine quilted. Alicia Merrett, Challenge 3, Wonder

Comforting Hearts

Nobody doesn't like cherry blossom seasons. The pink world is like an angel delivering warmth and good healing medicine. No wonder the pink scene can be seen all over the world. Everyone has a secret garden that soothes their own heart, and therefore, I sew my pink world with my warm hands to relieve worries, decrease anxiety and calm me down. Disasters occur in 2018 worldwide are destroying nature rapidly. No matter they are man-made or natural phenomena, they ruthlessly make Earth’s long-lasting wonders disappear. Is this also an evolution? Or does it owe to human’s “innovation”? Once it's gone, it's gone forever. And we are experiencing the process together. We should be aware of the pres

Our Living, Breathing Oceans

As a child of the Navy, growing up near the ocean was built into my childhood. Essential to our planet's survival, the oceans are the heartbeat of our planet.

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