Wonders of the World

There are so many wondrous things in our world. I can think of jaw-dropping places: some of my favourites are the Iguazu Falls in South America; the Highlands of Scotland; the Maya pyramids in Yucatan; a nature reserve in tropical Cuba. There is also wonderful art works that one never tires to look at; books and plays that can be read again and again, like those of Leo Tolstoi and Shakespeare; and there is the natural world. What to choose? I opted to go for living things, as our theme is the Living Planet. And among those my favourites are the colourful butterflies - or flutter-byes - and the small bundles of shiny feathers and vibrating wings that are the hummingbirds. I grew up in Argent

Wonder(ful) Story

This past weekend my husband and I joined friends visiting from the West Coast in Washington D.C. for an extended weekend of art galleries and museums...oh, and food and wine, of course. One of the most remarkable artists I discovered was Ray Materson. His pieces were displayed at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore which specializes in the display of 'outsider art' ('intuitive art', 'raw art' or 'art brut'). "Prison Musician" (2.75 x 2.75 inches) Prison Musician for scale Ray Masterson was born in Milford, Connecticut in 1954 and grew up in the Midwest. He earned a G.E.D. and attended Thomas Jefferson College as a drama and philosophy major, but was plagued by a serious drug pr

Rainbow Rain

I love rainbows. They are my favourite weather feature. I love watching out for them when the sun comes out after a heavy rainfall. Rainbows happen when there is water about, which means mostly when it rains. Wouldn’t it be lovely if it rained rainbows? Hand-dyed fabrics, machine pieced, machine quilted, 24” by 36”.

Wonderful World

I am constantly in awe at the wonders of nature. Just in plants - - the amazing structures.... the incredible organization..... the closer you get..... the more amazing it is! The exquisite symmetry.... and purposeful design! Don't get me started on bugs!


In 225 BC, Philo of Byzantium wrote about the seven wonders, things that must be seen. In 2007 AD, over 100 million people voted on New7Wonders of the world. In this living planet, what do you consider to be wondrous? Innovation? Evolution? The miracle of birth? Is it a place? A process? A possession?

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