These Moments

This summer was exceptionally hot. I have been working in this hot summer. I could forget hot weather while working. Now these moments are happiness and wonder for me. Techniques : Monoprinted, M achine pieced, Machine quilted Size : 34.5 x 23"


From the earliest civilizations, we humans have been compelled to create images of ourselves. And no matter how simple or crude the features, images of human faces will always capture our attention and imagination.

One of a Kind

I have a baby picture of my husband in my bedroom and I look at it every day. He was so cute! I wonder at the miracle of life and how that little baby boy grew up to be my wonderful husband. When I proposed this challenge, I was certain I would do a portrait of my husband to depict the wonderment of human development. But then I started thinking, it’s not just wondrous how children grow and change, it is also miraculous that each person is one of a kind. In the estimated 7.6 billion humans on this planet, each is unique. Even identical twins are not identical. That boggles my mind. So, rather than a portrait, I sought to create a statement of individuality. Since we are each part of a larger


I'm in wonder of the diversity of life on our living planet...whether it be flora or fauna. As I wondered and wandered about my studio, I focused on botanicals, which were (I'm sure) multiplying quietly in my fabric bins all by themselves....self pollinating, as it were. I was wrapt with explorations of botanical color, a literal riot of it. After the rush of exhilaration, it quietly dawned on me that the even more interesting, baffling, poignant and important a wonder might be that of our planet's cultures that have survived eons of changes, deaths, battles, victories, survival and growth. A real wonder. Also stashed in my studio were hand crocheted butterflies (you really never know what

The Wonder of Inside

It begins with drawing, for me- I'm constantly looking at interior organic structures, the repetition of the varied shapes is a source of fascination. I make a simple black and white sketch, then refine it and shape the lines until they are smooth enough for my liking. I sent the colorized file off to be professionally printed, then pinned it up on my design wall to let it tell me how it should be completed. I have some beautiful colors of Marabu art crayons (yay! new art supply!) and used them to shade the interior of each cell, setting with GAC 900 for permanence. then, dots- there are three separately applied layers of color. it's only stitched around the edge of each cell- lots of thread

A time to grow

I take joy in the wonder of small things, the ordinary that makes the extraordinary. And so it is with the smallest of seeds that grow to give us fields of green swaying in the breeze. In time they mature and turn to gold, the gold of wheat, ready for the harvest. Size- 36.5 inches x 24 [ 93cm x 61] Materials- cotton, wadding, silk, synthetics, thread, paint, fusible web Techniques- hand painting, machine applique, machine quilting

Small wonders

Yes there are the most amazing man made wonders for us to admire and so we should marvel as our evolution is truly astonishing and wondrous. However I am often drawn to the little wonders that may be overlooked in our busy lives. These are dry seed pods from the Poinciana tree on my footpath. When they turn from green to brown they harbour powerhouses of future growth- little hard brown seeds that drop into my garden and sprout, without any attention from me. I don't encourage them to grow. I don't water them or fertilise, yet they find a way to unleash their potential and grow! It is a wonder of Nature that from the smallest of seeds we get the food to sustain us. I made this quilt "The pr

Red Warning

The Earth is sick and the hot weather is destroying nature. Just like a living hell, all species are in hot water. What can we do to save the Earth? I might be too sad to sew and create the red scenery! However, it is undeniable that the red Earth is absolutely eye-catching. Challenging the impossible requires perseverance and determination. Anyway, I really can’t stand the hot weather. Best wishes to everyone.

Wonders by Committee

The original 7 Wonders of the World were sites that ancient Greeks determined to be amazing feats of engineering and beauty. Of course they could only consider those things that were known to them, so all of the sites are located in the areas surrounding ancient Greece. Of the original wonders, only the pyramids of Giza exist today. Two thousand years later, someone decided to update the list. Over 200 sites from all around the world were nominated for the honor of being one of the 7 Modern Wonders, and 100 million people voted on their favorites. Several countries complained about the methods and results of this global popularity contest once the winners were announced. I don't agree that

Experiences of Wonder

I think about what is wonder to me. When I stand in front of a artwork, somethimes I stand there without thinking about anything. I think that moment is a wonder to me. A few years ago when I saw Buddha at the National Museum of Korea ( , I couldn’t breathe and stood in front of him for a while. This is a recent experience of wonder.

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