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Ithaka Journey

Alicia Merrett

Reading the Ithaka poem, and mulling about its contents, meaning, and its relevance to me and my life, a number of words came to my head. They are:

Ithaka - Journey - dreams - thoughts - process - adventure - enjoyment -wisdom - goal - arrival.

I thought that a good way to start this cycle was to put all those words in my first quilt. Then I can be reminded of them and think further about their relevance to my journey. And create further quilts inspired by the thoughts and ideas they evoke.

Digital design made from altered photographs of cut-out magazine letters, computer generated words, everything collaged and modified in the iPad. Commercially printed on cotton sateen as a wholecloth piece, layered and machine quilted.

24” x 43.5” – (61 x 110 cm)

A section of the quilt.

The machine quilting is done:

In colour, around the main title letters.

In black, around each one of the bigger letters, so it is not very visible. But when it is viewed hanging on the wall, the letters are thrown into relief.

The original photograph of the paper letters cut out from magazines. They are about 1" to 2" high each.

Alicia Merrett, Viewpoints Cycle 8, Ithaka


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