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Our New Series! Integration

by Lisa-Marie Sanders

Viewpoints is excited to begin their 9th series; the artists have chosen “Integration” as the theme. In its broadest definition, integration is the process of bringing parts together to create a whole. There are more specialized definitions that describe integration in Math, Sociology, Psychology, as well as other disciplines.

How would you interpret "Integration" as a theme for your art?  

I had some obvious thoughts about how integration is essentially the creation of art: we combine shape, color, value and other elements of design to create a unified whole. Then I thought about integration in terms of travel: how I love exploring other cultures and how I try to integrate the best from each into my own life perspective. Cooking was another area I considered: blending individual ingredients to create a unique flavor.

Just for fun I decided to ask one of the ubiquitous AI models to create its idea of art based on the word integration. I asked that it also use simple shapes and bold colors. This is what it generated:

I tried again and then applied a watercolor filter:

I tried another AI application and requested art based solely on the word integration; except that I made a typo and wrote “intgration”. It took a long, long time for it to generate an image:

Personally, I prefer to see what the Viewpoints artists create!

Please join us in our creative journey as we each make three works for “Integration” over the next year: one every four months. Dimensions will be between 40 - 45 inches in height and 18 - 60 inches in width. We will post a gallery at the end of June, October and next February. The Blog will be active between the gallery openings including each artist’s unique perspective on “Integration” as a theme, as well as process photos and chosen techniques.


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