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I’ve always been a homebody. Even though I love to travel, home is my favorite place. It is a sanctuary from external stress and demands, a place I feel complete.

I also love solitude, and home gives me space to be alone. I can contemplate, create, relax, whatever I want. In my home I feel peace and contentment; I have all I need.

I chose a shell to represent my home, my cocoon from the world. It is minimalist and yet plenty. “Sanctuary” is constructed of black and white cotton fabric stitched with four pastel rayon threads. The shell is appliqued on the background.

I purposefully chose black and white to illustrate the contrast between home and the world outside. The world is chaotic: all colors mixed together create black. Home is the absence of chaos: the pure simplicity of white.

Sanctuary is 18” W x 36” H.

Techniques include free motion quilting, applique and trapunto.

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