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Paris Accord: Golden Opportunity

I began work on my Possibility Challenge almost immediately after it was posed

. I was pumped. I was going to focus on the environment and the importance of our stewardship. Like Lin Hsin-Chen I was focusing on trees. I had a treasured piece of hand-dyed cotton, created by my buddy Carol Eaton, as a starting point. I had free-motion quilted all sorts of trees: oak, maple, palm (even though it's really a grass), sequoia, willow and a small fruit tree.

Then....just as I was contemplating adding color and symbols of growth, the President of the United States curiously withdrew from the Paris Accord. I was flummoxed, angry and bewildered. That's when this piece took a turn to the dark-side.

My trees were white-washed whilst I cursed, then driven over by my Honda, then stomped on by my husband, then slashed and, finally, adorned with rusted bits found on my morning walks. It's a mess.

Paris Accord: Golden Opportunity TRASHED

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