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Morning Joe

I remember the first cappuccino I ever had. It was long before there were Starbucks stores on every corner. A friend who had lived in Europe introduced me to the frothy delight and I was immediately hooked.

That year for Christmas my siblings helped me further my newfound passion by giving me a coffee maker, manual coffee grinder and a pound of gourmet beans. In college, I became known for my delicious coffee and open door; people were always stopping by for coffee and commenting on how good it tasted.

To this day I only use whole beans and grind them just before I make coffee. It has become more than a passion, it is a ritual, a necessary beginning to my day. I only drink three cups: I need the first cup to get my mouth going, the second to get my brain going and the third to get them working together. I need my morning Joe! For me, coffee

is a happy addiction.

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