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Wrapping up, Looking back



"Repetition" is taken literally, with the repeated squares. But this piece is also a look back on all the Viewpoints9 quilts I've done over the years. As I went through them, I looked for things that tend to reoccur in my work. I definitely favor a secondary-color palette (purple, green, orange) and neutral gray. The squares were made from scraps leftover from past challenges.

I also noticed a tendency to use circles and spirals in my recent pieces. These loose, sketchy circles were a fun way to add color and energy to an otherwise static grid pattern. I enjoyed tossing them onto the quilt and then interlocking the spirals in some places.

Technical details: 36 x 18 in finished size

materials: hand dyed and batik fabrics

techniques: machine piecing, raw edge applique, hand-guided machine quilting stitches

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