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India: Traffic

India is, without a doubt, the most colorful place I have ever visited, so filled with rich, saturated colors and complex blends. It was opportune that Alicia's challenge came now timed, making it easy to narrow down my response. But, so many aspects of India were colorful and captivating!

I thought the traffic was sort of fascinating. Lots of vehicles were brightly painted with flowers and designs, frequently encouraging you to use your horn. The way it weaved in and out, just missing obstacles, was like a complex dance - that I have to admit, I enjoyed.

The every present auto-rickshaw, as they are known locally in Bangalore, rushed people here and there. They were such a part of that landscape, I knew I would do something with that image even before I left India.

This photo was my inspiration for my auto-rickshaws - which I've decked out in a rainbow of beautiful Indian silk dupionis, ikat, and chiffons. I made Thermofax screen from my occasional cow in traffic photo and printed it onto organza for the background. This was laid over an old Kaffe Fassett madras plaid and quilted.

This piece is a bright, cheerful reminder of my trip with fellow Viewpoints 9 artist, Diane Wright. Thanks for a great challenge, Alicia!

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