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A New World

Welcome to Viewpoints 9: A New World! Today marks the beginning or our 7 cycle and our 10th year on this creative journey together. As always, at the beginning of a new 18 month cycle, we share the new theme we've selected, how many pieces we'll each create, the dimensions and any other parameters we'd chosen to include.

The name of this collection will be A New World and within that theme each artist has selected their personal theme, as follows:

Alicia Merrett - Harmony

Betty Busby - The Unseen

Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix - Resilience

Hsin-Chen Lin - Observation

Kate Themel - Contrast

Lisa-Marie Sanders - Evolution

Martha Wolfe - Wander

Misik Kim - Daily Routine

Sue Dennis - Change

The intervals for this round will be 3 months - each artist creating 6 works in this series. All works will be the same 40" in height and width may vary at the discretion of the artist.

We will be returning to our blog format with artists posting throughout each 3 month period, culminating in our virtual gallery the last week of every third month. Virtual galleries will be posted on the website the beginning of June, September, December, 2021 and March, June, and September, 2022.

For more details, follow us on social media at:

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