Wait five minutes

There's a saying in New England, "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change". You might need a coat in the morning but by afternoon you're looking for some place with air conditioning. We've had snow in April and 70F degrees in December. Just in the time I've lived in Connecticut, we've experienced an earthquake, hurricane, floods, blizzards and just recently a tornado. I think we're safe from volcanoes but I can't be 100% sure. This challenge is open to so many possibilities. The only way I can get a handle on it is to pick one type of weather, my favorite type, and just focus on that. But if I wait 5 minutes that might change.

Weather and Rainbows

The weather is the most popular topic of conversation in England. Not surprising, as the weather here is so variable, and it rains a lot, although it often is just a drizzle. It accounts for the lush vegetation of the island, and also for some of the grumpiness of its inhabitants. Currently we are enjoying a spell of the most beautiful sunny weather, with temperatures that pleasantly do not go above around 21 degrees Celsius (I’m not versed in Farenheit…) My favourite bit of weather is when it has been raining (preferably lightly), and the sky becomes clearer, the clouds less heavily grey, and lo and behold! - a rainbow appears in the sky. I don’t know what it is, but this appearance of the

Winter thoughts...

I have to confess, Diane, I am completely stumped by this challenge! I will need to focus more time on what exactly weather means - it gets blurred with atmospheric phenomena and climate change in my mind, and while they are all relatives, I need to focus..... Good thing I have some time. These are photos of winter where I live. I live here deliberately because I don't care for snow and ice and freezing temperatures for weeks on end. That said, I appreciate the beauty of snow and the seasons....usually from a safe distance. Being in Japan this past winter meant I needed to be out in the cold and snow every day and reflecting back on it, I think it was part of what made the experience so memo

Organized Chaos

At present the world and natural environment are like a bunch of threads that has been messed up. There are no clues. Disordered disturbances come from all directions. Perhaps only the senior people who have enjoyed a peaceful and comfortable life would be unaccustomed to it! Imagining the natural world is initiating its "Life Energy" to adapt to the ever changing world, let's change ourselves too! Recently, I don't like to watch news. I feel like I am deviating from my habits. There are too many new ideas that I am not familiar with or different that the world I used to know. I feel challenged. If it means that I fail to keep up with social development, I am fine. I just want to stay calm a

New Challenge

WEATHER! We all talk about it....with friends, family, and strangers. In fact it is often the ice-breaker (no pun intended) conversation starter with random strangers. When thinking about our Living Planet this word seemed one of the broadest concepts for inspiration for our group. Now for the back story: If you ever play Trivial Pursuit or any Jeopardy type games, you will want my husband on your team when it comes to history, movies or photography. Seriously. This also means that he has a huge library, particularly focusing on those subjects. So I was not really surprised to see this book on a shelf. I think he must have purchased it at a used book sale as the front and back pages wer

Tokyo Real #3

Energy was my theme to start the new Viewpoints 9: Living Planet series. Selecting a word that is open ended and provides a variety of interpretations is difficult sometimes, but energy can go so many ways. For me, it brought to mind solar energy, positive energy, hopped-up on caffeine energy, young children energy, to name a few - - ultimately settling on something I've visited before, urban energy. For years I've been intrigued by the sight of the busy intersections in Tokyo - from photos my son had shown me or one of my favorite movies, "Lost in Translation". The throbbing urban sounds of Shibuya, filled with lights and the hum of raw energy captured my imagination. When I had the opportu

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