Buildings are man-made structures, and they are all over the planet; they are a clear indication of our presence here. They provide shelter to people, to keep us warm and dry. But housing is a serious problem in England, and I’m sure in all parts of the world. It is enormously expensive and a lot of people cannot afford to buy one, and rents are sky high. That certainly happens in London. Most young people in the UK cannot any longer afford to buy even a small house on their earnings, unless they have wealthy parents to help. A number of them are also burdened with debt when they leave university, because of the loans they had had to take out to be able to study. At the other end of the wea

Secondary Forest

There have been several forests and natural disasters in 2017. I am sending my prayers for the damaged plants and environment by creating an imaginary secondary forest. Nature has the ability to regenerate on its own after suffering from wildfire, insect plague, and even deforestation. The re-grown and self-healing power of nature is remarkable. Creating the work is challenging to me because I try to combine the damaged woods, the tree trunks that have been burned into ashes, and the re-grown secondary forest in one picture. The damaged past versus the revitalizes present. New vegetation is growing from the roots. I had been trying the best of my ability sewing it. Nevertheless, with sincere

Man-Made Structures

A wise friend once told me that if you look for evil you can find it everywhere, but if you look for good, you can find IT everywhere. What you see, depends on what you’re looking for. I had to consider that for a while before I realized I agreed. In discordant times like these, I must remind myself that what I experience is based on what I believe. As humans, we naturally filter out things that don’t agree with our belief system. Consequently, we perceive and reinforce our fundamental premises, often excluding other relevant information. What we believe, we become. Could this knowledge help us create harmony? I believe we are in control of ourselves and can choose to reach beyond our experi

All Fall Down

Kate's Structure challenge arrived on the heels of numerous assaults to the American people - from the dismantling of government protections for minorities, the vulnerable and the poor, to the devastation left in the paths of storms in Puerto Rico, Texas, and beyond and catastrophic fires in nearby northern California and elsewhere, to just one more mass shooting - this time killing 59 in Las Vegas. The infrastructure crumbles, the houses and businesses are destroyed, and our hearts hurt and break.....and we all fall down. It seems all of the structure/s in my life are failing, and though I recognize that life is a continuum, these outliers have shaken the foundation. "All Fall Down" was pi

New Structure for a Colorful Old Crow

Kate posed this challenge just one week after I had major surgery to replace my right hip. In fact, I had 'graduated' to a rehabilitation facility that day. I was TOTALLY sorry for myself, having lost my independence of movement . I could not walk, turn over, bend over, dress myself...and too many other, taken for granted, motions. I had prepared for none of this AND there was the pain. Fast forward a couple days and I could hobble into the dining room for communal meals At first, I needed to be accompanied by staff but soon and I could meander on my own! Thanks to my walker.....I was MOBILE! I could plod down for fine dining, and later swing by for physical therapy. My new STRUCTUR

The Best Laid Plans...

The beloved Scottish Poet Robbie Burns' 1786 poem, To A Mouse, was written as an apology after he tore through a mouse nest while ploughing. But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane In proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft a-gley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, For promised joy. ... Part of the third line, of course, was borrowed by John Steinbeck for his great novel about Things That Went Awry. This piece in response to the challenge word Structures turned out to be more of an expression of my current state of mind than an arresting visual statement, so I'll post a few process pictures so that you can see what is behind the whole thing. I beg

La Dee Da

The human skeleton provides rigid protection for internal organs, but it is structured in such a way that allows for an amazing variety of graceful movements. Our posture can convey all sorts of information about our health, energy level and emotional state. I showed this quilt to my mom, wondering if she would find it scary or grim. I asked her for her first impression and she surprised me by seeing the joy in it. She loved the carefree pose, as if the skeleton was prancing around singing "La Dee Da"... Technical details: Materials: Black cotton, white non-woven fabric, sharpie marker, black and white thread Techniques: Raw edge applique, hand guided machine stitching

Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patch ©2017 91.5cm long x 47cm wide (36in x 18.5 in) The secret structure of many vegetables and fruits are only revealed when they are cut. Complex, interwoven and other worldly are all descriptions that can be applied to the inner structures of the humble cabbage. Materials: cotton, batting, thread, fabric paint, stencil Techniques: hand printed, stencilled, hand painted, machine quilted

The Layers

When I saw her challenge, the first word that came up was layer. As a single layer of layers forms structures Everyday's daily life accumulates and becomes one's life The layer is a trace of time. The days of various colors, such as joyful days, sad days and hard days, will make various colored structure called life. I wonder what color of layer is my present day.


I'm not certain why my brain went directly to clothing with "Structure" but that is what's rolled around in my thoughts since Kate first proposed the challenge. I've always been interested in experimental couture and costume and thought it would have been fun to design and create for the likes of Cirque du Soleil. Here were some of my thoughts.... I first stumbled across pattern books by Tomoko Nakamichi in a Kinokuniya bookshop in San Francisco and I was really inspired by the designs....have yet to work them into something, but intriguing nonetheless. I caught an exhibit of Charles James' beyond fashion and found the animations associated with the exhibit really interesting! They're all wo

Maybe less would be more

When Kate posed this word challenge I immediately thought of a structure new to my life (building suspense here). Then over then next weeks all I could imagine were other structures...spider webs, calendars, skeletons of various things, a family dinner table...really diverse, and never stopping imagery bouncing in my head. In the midst of this over-thinking I scored a commission. (yeah!) Now life is getting real. I'm back in my studio with a purpose...I have structure, at least on my calendar. And I have a very solid structure...with fairly well organized textiles..... THEN. Construction begins I am really looking forward to reveal day. And, believe it or not, I'm well on my way with my

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